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Scientific name: Eudyptes robustus

Snares penguins have the good fortune to live in one of the most pristine, predator-free and least disturbed places possible: the Snares Islands, where New Zealand’s Department of Conservation tightly restricts access. Nevertheless, Snares penguins are regarded as ‘vulnerable’ owing to their confined distribution.

Somewhat smaller but closely related to the nearby Fiordland penguin, they are also members of the group of penguin species known as crested penguins. And a consequence, they, like other crested penguins are obligate brood reducers – meaning that they typically rear only one chick even though they lay two eggs. However, unlike several of the other crested penguins, they do routinely hatch both chicks from the eggs: it is just that the chick from the first-laid egg (which tends to hatch last) is normally unable to survive much more than a week or two.